In another time

In Another Time explores the past with imagination. Our main sources on this journey are movies, music & literature, embracing the flight of fancy over factmongering and the mode of myth over historical puritanism.

Events presents the past chronologically and aims to give each period in history exactly the right room-size to resonate properly.

When we travel by foot our surroundings gradually change in appearance, morphing into each other. Equally, if we travel back in time we can see & hear species, architecture, music and stories evolve to their present form.

In the present everything that happened in the past is either preserved or destroyed. What was once experienced as reality is recreated as myth. We use myth to bring back time that is lost and make something out of the past relevant to those living today.

So let's dance with the ghosts and may their movements be our guide to observe the present more accurately and act more graciously in the future.